This episode, comedian and musician Thomas Jones joins me to discuss S09E08 "Bart Star", youth sports and Thomas's time playing football and me gettin...View Details

We're back after a long hiatus! Does this podcast release regularly anymore? Who knows?! This episode, comedian Laura Sanders joins me to discuss Seas...View Details

Better late than never, right?! This episode, owner of the New Orleans bars Twelve Mile Limit and The Domino, T. Cole Newton, comes on to discuss seas...View Details

This episode, comedian and host of the podcasts "Pod Damn America" and "Why You Mad" Jake Flores joins to discuss season 7's "Scenes from the Class St...View Details

Told ya we'd be back! The first episode recorded entirely in quarantine, and thank god I had our guest also record it because my computer did not reco...View Details

And we're back! In this episode, comedian Dave Ross ("Late Late Show with James Corden", "Corporate") joins me to discuss Season 8's "Homer vs the Eig...View Details


We're coming back! Got a bunch of new guests and episodes lined up! Stay subscribed and check our twitter @blurst_oftimes for updates! See you soon!

This week, the admin and creator of New Orleans-focused meme page "Dr. Daddy's Who Dat NOLA Crime Wave Syndicate" joins us to discuss Season 8's "You ...View Details

Shawn Dugas returns to discuss not one but TWO Treehouses of Horror, just in time for Halloween! First we discuss Season 6's "Treehouse V", Dennis Qua...View Details

This week, comedian Andrew Healan joins us to discuss our first Season 1 episode, "Moaning Lisa". We talk about dealing with depression and sadness, f...View Details

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